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The Cloud Extender includes a Configuration Tool that you use to configure proxy settings either manually, PAC, or automatically. The Cloud Extender also accepts credentials to traverse through authenticated proxies. When you configure proxy settings, the Cloud Extender connects to the MaaS360 Cloud to establish

The Cloud Extender software requires access to the MaaS360 Cloud to connect and to implement services. If you installed your Cloud Extender in a proxy environment, use the Cloud Extender Configuration Tool to configure the Cloud Extender.
Note: The Cloud Extender can be installed directly on the Exchange. Server or Active Directory Server, but this is not recommended. Access to the services virtual machine URL from the Cloud. Extender machine. This is the URL that is configured during setup on the MaaS360 instance. You should receive either the
Procedure. Double-click the MaaS360 Cloud Extender executable. Click Next to advance to the License Key screen. Enter the License Key provided to you in the Welcome Email. Click Next to advance to the Ready to Install the Program screen. Click Install to continue the installation. Click Next to continue the
19 Jan 2014 The setup guide and Cloud Extender Configuration Tool executable is available from the Setup MaaS360 console as shown ActiveSync Manager; On your nominated intranet server, run the MaaS360_Cloud_Extender.exe and follow the defaults until it is installed. Run the Cloud Extender Configuration
Before installing the Cloud Extender, you must first acquire the application and license key. If you have not installed the Cloud Extender before, you can acquire this key via email from the MaaS360 Portal. About this task. You need the License Key for installation. Procedure. Log in to the portal with your administrator
The MaaS360 Cloud Extender can be downloaded from the Setup > Services section in the MaaS360 portal. The Cloud Extender is an application, and once installed automatically launches the MaaS360 Cloud Extender Configuration Tool. This tool can also be executed manually by an administrator after installation by.
MaaS360 > Cloud Extender Installation Guide. SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS FOR THE CLOUD EXTENDER FOR MICROSOFT EXCHANGE ACTIVESYNC. MODULE (MAAS360 FOR MOBILE DEVICES). The MaaS360 Cloud Extender is a small program that runs as a service on a Microsoft Windows machine in your network.
In this demonstration, you learn how to enable and configure User Visibility and User Authentication using the Cloud Extender Configuration Tool and the MaaS360 portal. The advanced LDAP configuration for Active Directory is used to import users and groups, and to enable authentication using corporate credentials. <