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31 Aug 2011
3 Aug 2016
4 Sep 2011 To defeat Barrett: As soon as the battle begins, throw a EMP granade on Barrett (if you have one) Strafe/turn right, grab one of the gas canisters on the right. Throw the gas canister on Barrett. Run to the left or straight down the right side, grab the explosive barrel, throw it on Barrett.
19 Sep 2011 Make no mistake, I really enjoyed my time with Deus Ex: Human Revolution. If there was one thing that disappointed me with the game though, it was the cookie cutter boss battles. A game that prides itself with First off, listen to Eliza as she'll give you hints on what Yelena is up to. When you hear her say
24 Oct 2013 Deus Ex: Human Revolution - Director's Cut I'm one of those people who adored all the stealthy-sneaky stuff in DX:HR, and had my fun ruined at the first boss, when I'd specced for all-stealth and had no weapons and was basically effed. Add to your list Hitman: Absolution, which had a score? What?
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Barret, the first boss? Always keep behind cover,don't give him a direct line of sight to you, and move frequently. You need to pay attention to his grenade trows. Personaly, I trowed a EMP grenade to his feet, and blasted him with my most powerful weapon while he was dazed. Then repeated the process. In the end of the
26 Aug 2011
23 Aug 2011 _<I got no combat augs at all, and that boss is unnecessarily fucking hard to beat.Trying to melee him turned into an epic failure. The only ta.
29 Aug 2011 Run-and-gun is a pretty good strategy; I've found that weaving between the pillars tends to skew his accuracy a bit as well. If you haven't looked already, take a glance around the two small rooms in the Deus Ex Difficulty (hard):. Initial equipment: 1 Remote explosive. I think any grenade will suffice.